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Buffalo Municipal Watershed

Project Review

What was the supposed issue (wildfire)  


where the treatments (clear cuts) are being implemented.

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A Concerned Citizens Review of the Buffalo Municipal Watershed Project


By Craig Cope

Retired US Forest Service employee

39-year Career with 31 years on the Bighorn NF

January 23, 2023

What the customer wanted and what they got!!!

This paper will review the stated objectives from the Buffalo Municipal Watershed (BMW) Notice of Opportunity to Object signed by Acting District Ranger Lou Conroy on July 27, 2018 compared to the on-the-ground implementation. The stated objective of the BMW is to prevent catastrophic wildfire and sedimentation of the Clear Creek municipal watershed. The watershed was designated a municipal watershed in the Bighorn National Forest (BNF) Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) revision of 2005. It is one of four Watersheds so designated on the BNF​


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