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Welcome to the Council for the Bighorn Range


For far too long the Bighorns have been sacrificed by industry, land management agencies, and the neglect by conservation organizations - both national and regional. Established in 2017, the Council for the Bighorn Range created an effective non-profit grassroots and environmental organization. One of our goals is to give you the power to make a difference by keeping you informed of threats to the region and the resources available.  Our area map shows the enormity and diversity of the region. Unmanaged recreation and unsustainable harvest are the biggest threats to the natural forest and rangeland we need for quality wildlife habitat, wild places, clean water, and landscapes. The Council for the Bighorn Range discovers routinely more sacrifices are on the way for the Bighorn forests and range. Land management agencies slash budgets dis-proportionately against the Bighorn public lands in favor of commercial recreation near urban centers in our region. The presence of the Council for the Bighorn Range is already affecting change. You can join or donate and make your voice heard. All donations and memberships at this time go to the basics. A Marine veteran friend used to call them, “beans, bullets, and bandages .”

Become a Member ($35/year) or Donate

As long as we retain ownership of our public lands, there is a place for you to set the desired conditions across the Bighorns. Protect – Balance - Educate

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